CENIC Star Performer

[Featured Researcher Dan Cayan] Cutting-Edge Data-Intensive Climate Research

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 California Libraries and CENIC

Learn more about the work currently underway to connect California’s public libraries to CENIC!

 CENIC 2015: Shaking Things Up

 CENIC Quarterly Newsletter

Read the CENIC Update for 4th Quarter 2014, including 100-Gbps update, Cisco discount, CalREN network updates, and more
  • 100-Gigabit Upgrade for California Research & Education Network
  • Cloud Services for CENIC Members from CenturyLink, FireHost, Verizon
  • Pacific Wave Diverse 40G to Australia and New Zealand
  • 100G Connectivity to Pacific Wave for ESnet
  • CENIC to Offer VoIP Services in Collaboration with AT&T

Advanced Networking for California Research & Education

California’s education and research communities leverage their networking resources under CENIC, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California, in order to obtain cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking to support their missions and respond to the needs of their faculty, staff, and students.

CENIC designs, implements, and operates CalREN, the California Research and Education Network, a high-bandwidth, high-capacity Internet network specially designed to meet the unique requirements of these communities, and to which the vast majority of the state’s educational institutions are connected. Over ten million Californians use CalREN every day. [ Learn more about CENIC ]